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Home Delivery Service of Natural Farming Vegetables; Pesticides-free, Chemical-Free, Fertilizer-Free, GMO-Free, Healthier in Quality and Better in Taste than Organic Vegetables in Japan
☘Yatsugatake Natural Farm offers Home Delivery Service of "Natural Farming Vegetables"
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1. Healthier in Quality and Better in Taste than Organic Vegetables:

The Farm is located at highland of Yatsugatake Mountains in Yamanashi-Prefecture where the air and the spring water are very fresh, clean and pure.

Natural Farming Vegetables are all "pesticides-free" and "chemical-free" as well as even "fertilizer-free", because the Farm owner recognizes fertilizers of even certified organic vegetables in Japan are mostly based on GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms) stuffs , such as rapeseed oil cakes and manures that were excreted from GM crops-fed livestocks like chickens, pigs, cows, horses, etc.

In addition, farmers are also allowed to use pesticides in producing most of organic vegetables in Japan(see attachment, page 276-281 of a guideline for organic vegetables of Japan Soil Association.)

On the contrary, Natural Farming Vegetables of Yatsugatake Natural Farm are all free from such possible GM related stuffs, any pesticides, chemical and organic fertilizers, and completely produced by healthy and nutritious soil and environment blessed exclusively by a nature, surrounding beautiful Yatsugatake Mountains area including the Farm fields.

Therefore, Natural Farming Vegetables are healthier and better in quality and taste than even organic ones, and provide more satisfying food life in Japan.

2. Line-ups of the Natural Farming Vegetables:

(1) Assorted & In-Season Natural Farming Vegetables Box

Small Size ¥ 2980
Medium Size ¥ 3980
Large Size ¥ 4980

3. How to Order:

(1) send a request email to "yatsugatake_nf@yahoo.co.jp" for order, that contains your choice of vegetable box, your name, address and phone number.
or call 080-1110-0742(farm owner's phone number)

(2) receive an email from the Farm that shows Farm's bank account of Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank to pay for the order

(3) the vegetable box to be delivered by Yamato Transportation Service within a week after the payment.

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